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2013 Happy New Year!

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Yet another year has slipped under our hulls.

As the new website editor, I wanted to first and foremost thank Roger for an excellent job over the past years.  Volunteer positions, especially behind the scenes ones like this, can be thankless jobs.  I know what really goes into it and perhaps more than anyone else, I can appreciate the work he's done (and done well).

For 2013, I'm excited to work on a few updates both to the website and to the way we interact with our members, potential members, families, and friends. 

I view electronic media as simply a tool to accomplish a task - not much different than a hammer or a screwdriver.  Since our task is to grow the club and appeal to fresh blood that will carry us into the future, I would like to use tools like our Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. to both generate some excitement and capture and disseminate the essence of what we do and why we do it.  

However, I can't do it alone.  I'm going to need your help.  This must be a group effort to be successful.

Therefore, in 2013, I'd like to give you all a grand mission:  Take pictures.  Take video.  Post them.  Link them.  Comment on them.  Write stories.  Tell lies (no big ones). Deal out some smack-talk.  Bring some attitude and enthusiasm to what we do.  If we do this, I think #1, we'll have a ton more fun, and #2, fun is infectious.

I'm really excited for this coming year and looking forward to getting out on the water.


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