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Tuesday, 08 March 2022 11:05

Room to Pass Astern

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I came across a situation, but didn't see a result. Posting here for some discussion.

Two boats are sailing close-hauled, Yellow (port-tack, windward) and Blue (port-tack, leward), when the starboard-tacked Green boat becomes a problem. Yellow hails "room to pass astern of Green" and proceeds to accelerate down on Blue to dip Green's stern forcing Blue to duck to avoid a collision. In the scenario, nothing happened and all boats continued racing. However, if I were at the helm of Blue, I would have immediately protested Yellow. Blue and Yellow were overlapped during the entire event. 

I have an idea of how this would play out in a protest hearing, but what do you think?


*This led me to purchasing Dave Perry's 100 Best Racing Quizzes based on The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024. I did not see a quiz that matched exactly, though Quiz 74 begins similarly. I can post that quiz and others in the future.
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