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2020 Letter from the Commodore

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Michigan sailing is just a few short weeks away! The officers have finished our winter meeting, finalizing most of the final details. Countless little updates are in the works. Some of us were even able to escape to Florida for a little sailing. Therefore, it’s pretty much official…

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Welcome to the 2020 season, CRAM’s 55th summer of catamaran racing! We are a healthy club with a once-again growing membership. I hope that growth carries throughout the year and into next season. To help us, please consider purchasing a membership.  As well, I'd like to extend a genuine, heartfelt thank you to every officer, member and volunteer that has had a part in making CRAM what it is today.

On a personal level, this is a pretty special year for me. Twenty years ago, in 2000, my father-in-law was Commodore. A few years back, his daughter Samantha (my wife and teammate) half-jokingly asked me if I’d sail F18s with her. I had only recreationally sailed my great uncle’s Hobie 16s on Otsego Lake, so I think it surprised her when I jumped in and the first catamaran we bought together was a Hobie Tiger.

Every path is different and there are many ways to enter into beach cat racing. One thing that’s constant is we are here to help! CRAM is open to every beach catamaran. I’d love to see a list of all the types of boats scored… So pack it up and meet us at the beach! We also have a crew board - where you can sign up, sail with an experienced skipper, do all the work and quickly climb the learning curve!

The schedule this year has some repeat locations. There are several reasons behind that, but not to worry, we still have a great season planned! We were able to fit nine regattas (two being 3-day contests) into the schedule even with a couple nearby National-level events that CRAM will help support! The Hobie 16/20 North American Championships will be held in Michigan City, Indiana and the Weta North American Championships will take place in Muskegon, Michigan; both regattas in September.

We work hard to grow sailing here in Michigan. Whether you sail with crew or singlehanded, it takes a team. A lot of times that team ends up being your family. But if you need to show up alone, you can do so because our club is great support; where the friends you make will start to feel like family. For me, and many others, sailing is a family sport. And that’s what I love most.

I’m excited to see everyone. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Cheers!


PS - You are most likely reading this from our webpage, but if not, make sure to check us out and register for a regatta; if you are new, your first one is free!
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