McDaniels Appreciation Award

Many of you don't remember Duane. When I was just starting in the club in 1980 (and yes, I know - ancient) Duane and his wife, Judy, were an institution in the club. This is when catamaran sailing was in it's heyday, with 100-200 catamarans showing up for a regatta. Duane and Judy carried the club in many ways. 

When the club needed a new committee boat (our current Boston Whaler) but couldn't get financing, Duane stepped in and financed the boat himself. Yes, CRAM paid the payments, but this was a selfless act and a personal risk that not many would have taken on. Judy made stained glass trophies. Lots of them. This was back in the day, when we had separate trophies for every regatta. These were works of art, and I have a couple of them myself. Everywhere you looked, Duane andJudy were there contributing. 

And so, this award is presented to the individual(s) that goes above and beyond in supporting CRAM the way Duane and Judy did. If you talk to one of these people, buy them a beer. They worked for it. 

And oh by the way, Duane is somewhere in Mexico as I write this - boardsailing. Rock on Duane.

-- Roger Cochran


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