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Check here for any last minute updates or changes to the racing documents


7/24/21 18:34 -- Today's results are posted here           (PDF)

7/24/21 11:37 -- Skippers update at 12 noon at the Santana RV

7/24/21 11:22 -- UPDATE the #2 flag will be coming down at 11:30 we are planning on a 13:00 start at this time. 

7/24/21 09:18 -- Due to incoming weather and a lack of wind, race committee has decided to fly the AP over 2 meaning that racing is delayed AT LEAST 2 hours at this point. Check back for updates. Prepare for rain and possible storms, feel free to check out local venues for a meal or to pick up supplies  

7/23/21 16:58 -- Today's results are posted here            (PDF)

7/23/21 10:50 -- NOTICE start flag has been changed from #1 to #2. The flag was white with a red oval and IS NOW blue with a white oval

7/11/21 17:47 -- Day 2 Results are Posted! Same Links Below
7/10/21 12:15 -- AP is coming down at 12:30 for a start time of about 1300. 
7/10/21 09:45 -- Race committee has decided to postpone 2 hours. AP over 2 is flying on the beach. Physical notice board will be moved to the pavilion. 
7/10/21 08:16 -- Yesterday's results are posted here 
Skipper's meeting is at 0930. (PDF)
7/6/21 06:58 -- Nothing to update yet!